Friday, August 21, 2015

Courser - Gamrat Affair Whistleblower Sought Extra-Marital Affair Himself

If you are going to throw stones at one who has sinned, you
Josh Cline Press Conference
better be sure you have not committed the same sin yourself.

Normally affairs themselves are not newsworthy but when you set a high standard and feel you are step above the next person that is one you find yourself in trouble . 

According to a report by Brandon Hall of  West Michigan Politics, Josh Cline who was a former aide to state representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, is among the millions of users whose information was released this week by hackers of the cheating website Ashley Madison.  It should be noted that West Michigan Politics was the outlet that first broke the Courser Gamrat affair as well.

The Ashley Madison website is a place for those currently married to seek an extra-marital affair. 

West Michigan Politics went over hacked data from Ashley Madison, which apparently indicates that an address in Attica, Michigan has been a subscriber of the website for at least three years. Going over Lapeer County records, it was discovered that the address is registered to Cline, who is married.

The discovery of Cline possibly now having had an affair himself with his three year subscription through the cheating website casts doubt on the sincerity of his press conference this past Monday.    

In that press conference, which many said looked more like a
"Hi Mom I am on TV" moment as it lacked any new substance as well as appearing scripted and contrived, Cline made a powerful statement on why he quit his staffer position at the Courser - Gamrat legislative offices.  He said "It was not an easy task to choose integrity over a paycheck. But I chose to preserve my integrity and resign effective immediately," He continued. "Having chosen integrity over continued employment in a hostile, untenable work environment in which I was required to turn a blind eye to unethical behavior in the offices of Courser and Gamrat, I am confident I did the right thing."  With the discovery of Cline's Ashley Madison account, Cline's integrity seems to be thrown out like yesterday's trash. 

It was odd that Josh Cline was even a staffer for Todd Courser. Cline himself is a long time political operative for the Republican party, often was found associating with those that were either establishment or anti-tea party.  Cline most recently attempted to run for State School Board in 2014 and in 2012 was involved in the Pete Hoekstra for campaign.  (hat tip to Bill Hartmann of the 12th District for that reminder)

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