Thursday, August 13, 2015

Conservative And Fellow Tea Party Republican Rep. Gary Glenn To Todd Courser - Resign

Part of the Conservative Freshman group Gary Glenn R-Midland MI 98th district,
joined fellow Representative Tom Leonard yesterday on the call  for Todd Courser to resign.    This is a major development as the same Tea Party movement that elected Glenn also elected Todd Courser R-Lapeer

 "There is no possible reasoning or rationale by which their remaining in office will benefit their families or the conservative cause that so many have worked so long to advance," Glenn said in a statement. "The longer the scandal and ridicule continues, the more damage will be done to both their families and to that cause."

Courser has suggested that his former staffers may have been involved in the blackmail scheme, a charge they have denied. If he had resigned at the time, he "essentially would have been submitting to the establishment of the authority machine," he said Monday, arguing that staying on was "essential for the cause of liberty."

Glenn disputed Courser's rationale for staying in office.

"The behavior to which he's publicly admitted has, by association, damaged and discredited the cause of liberty and of conservative, constitutional, and limited government, and the longer political adversaries are allowed to demonize those principles in the media by association with such tactics, the more damage will be done to conservatives' ability to advance those ideals in Michigan," Glenn said."

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  1. Gary Glenn is correct, no one benefits from Mr. Courser dragging his family and his party through the mud in the glare of the media spotlight. Todd, it's time to seek counseling and forgiveness in private. It's time to resign!