Monday, August 10, 2015


Todd Courser, Cindy Gamrat
Garmrat & Courser
Michigan State House officials have seized all computers and paper records from State Representatives Todd Courser's and Cindy Gamrat's offices. This is an investigation as to whether taxpayer funds were used to hide their relationship. 

Speaking to the media, Keven Cotter said "All evidence is protected.  Nothing can be deleted.  We have the servers.  We have all of these things.  So there's nothing that's at risk of being lost at this point."

The story of a potential affair broke about a month ago when Brandon Hall of West Michigan Politics got a tip and reported the story.  The story broke wide open with the release of a recording potentially showing Todd Courser incriminating himself to a staffer.

In a recording in response to the story that broke on Friday, in the 27 minutes Courser said her was being blackmailed by
Speaker of the House Kevin Cotter
those in Lansing to playball or the recording would be released.  In an attempt to throw the blackmailer off Courser said he created false flag e-mail.

Courser in his response today blamed his staffers for the blackmail and that they were part of the establishment of the Republican Party.

State Representative Tim Greimel
House Minority Leader Tim Greimel, D-Auburn Hills, called Monday for an independent investigation by Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office.

“The allegations of wiretapping, blackmail and the use of taxpayer dollars to cover-up an affair between (Courser and Gamrat) ... are serious and demand a full and impartial investigation,” Greimel said in a statement. “There is no place in the Legislature for people who are engaged in criminal conduct, and when accusations of this magnitude are raised, the taxpayers of Michigan deserve a full investigation.”

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