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An Article About Safety For Women Leads To A War Of Words And Bullying By A Sterling Heights Michigan Mayor

Earlier today I wrote an article that confirms that Transgenders May Look Like Women But Are Really Men With Manly Desires.  The article was based on Bruce Jenner still being interested in women even though he was surgically altered to look like a woman from the waist up.  This exposed the dangers of allowing transgenders in to opposite sex restrooms and locker rooms.

Appointed Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor
This raised the ire of current Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor as you will see below from the screen captures.  He even went to far as to try to bully me by posting a picture of myself and my girlfriend who passed from cancer earlier this year.   

Michael Taylor became mayor of Sterling Heights by a fluke.  He was a sitting councilman last year and voted for this ordinance, but former Mayor Richard J. Notte died late last year after a battle with cancer.  Michael Taylor was not elected by the people but was appointed Mayor by the majority vote of the Sterling Heights City Council.

Last summer Sterling Heights, Michigan  passed a non-discrimination ordinance by vote of council and mayor.  The public did not have the opportunity to vote on this issue.  The law said it was to  protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents and visitors from discrimination in housing, public accommodations, and employment and carries a maximum fine of $500 for each violation. 

 There were more than a couple of issues with that ordinance.  The main two issues were it violated one's religious objection to behavior that went against their own beliefs.  

Christians as do Jews believe that God makes no mistakes.  God created man and God created woman.  Why should a business owner who is Christian have to violate his beliefs?  Is that itself discrimination?  

The other main issue is it put into play males and females freely going into each others bathrooms "public accommodations".  If a male decided to dress the part of a woman so he could fulfill his perverted fantasies, what would stop him?  As you will see from the screen shots below the Mayor Michael Taylor, who is an attorney by day, seems to think this is perfectly fine.  He questions whether a transgender had ever attacked a woman in a restroom before as he could not find any proof.  Since Mayor Taylor is an attorney would would have though he would have had better investigative skills.  

But to answer Mayor Taylor's answer, yes instances have occurred and common sense, which Mayor Taylor and much of the Sterling Heights City Council seems to be lacking, dictates it would.  It is human nature.

Here a just a few of many examples:
Jason Pomare
PALMDALE, Calif. (KTLA) — A 33-year-old man was charged Tuesday with allegedly dressing as a woman to secretly videotape women using the restroom at a Macy’s department store.
 Jason Pomare was arrested Saturday after a customer notified store security that a man was in the lady’s room acting suspiciously.
 The woman told security officers that the man was wearing a wig and was dressed as a woman.
 SAN DIEGO — Police Sunday arrested a 30-year-old man who was wearing a pink tutu when he allegedly attacked a woman in a toilet stall at a Big Lots store in Clairemont.
Investigators identified the suspect as Gregory Schwartz, who was arrested around 5:40 p.m. in the area of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and Diane Avenue, San Diego police Lt. Chuck Kaye said.

About 40 minutes earlier, Kaye said, a woman who had entered a toilet stall in the Big Lots store at 4829 Clairemont Drive was “confronted by a male who had crawled under the stall she occupied.”

Surveillance video showed the man was wearing “a tutu-type thing” he took from the store, Kaye said.  “The suspect grabbed her and attempted to sexually assault her,” he said.
Toronto Canada -- A biological man claiming to be ‘transgender’ so as to gain access to and prey on women at two Toronto shelters was jailed “indefinitely” last week after being declared by a judge a “dangerous offender.”
 Christopher Hambrook, 37, leaned on the ever expanding legal “rights” offered to people who “identify” with the sex opposite their biology. Under the name “Jessica,” he was able to get into the women’s shelters, where he sexually assaulted several women
One has to question Mayor Michael Taylor's judgement as to why he thinks this is not a concern.  Would he be concerned if a man went into the same restroom or locker room that his wife and children were currently in?  The myopic thinking of Sterling Heights leadership should be a concern for all Sterling Heights residents and those that come to the city to transact business or recreation.  Keep in mind, Freedom Hill is one such major attraction that draws thousands to many events. 

Below are the screen captures taken today of Sterling Mayor Michael Taylor's faulty logic and bullying form the Sterling Heights Politics Facebook Group:

As you see from the picture above Mayor Michael Taylor thought it would be cute to try to bully me by posting a picture of me and my deceased girlfriend, who passed this year from cancer.

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