Friday, July 31, 2015

Illegal Alien Guns Down Crow Nation Family On Side Of The Road As They Try To Help

An illegal alien, Jesus Deniz,  who was stopped along a road on Montana's Crow Indian Reservation gunned down a family who tried to help him Wednesday, killing the couple and wounding their daughter.

Tana Shane, 50, and her husband Jason, 52, who have seven children, were killed and daughter Jorah, 24, was shot in the head and back, after they assisted 18-year-old illegal alien suspect Jesus Deniz Mendoza in Pryor, Montana. 

Jorah survived and managed to run to a local school to get help before returning to the scene. She was then taken to hospital and was 'incoherent' before being taken into surgery.
The family are reportedly part of the Whistling Water tribe, the Crow Nation's largest clan. 

Mrs. Shane drove past Deniz, who lives in the Wyoming town of Worland, and returned home to pick up her spouse and daughter so they could help him.

About 12,000 tribal members live on the Crow reservation. Tribal law enforcement officials referred questions to the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Office of Justice Services, which declined to comment.

Last month, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump --at a political press stop, stated that illegal aliens are bringing crime such as murder into our Country.


  1. UNREAL---When is "the gov" Going To get a GRIP on THIS ISSUE???I Hope & Pray This Indian Tribe Gets JUSTICE+++

  2. How much more of these horrific murders of innocents are we going to have to put up with before John Boehner and Mitch McConnell at least pretend they have leadership blood and truly work at stopping Obama's agenda of having a floodgate of ILLEGAL ALIENS breaching and violating our laws and borders?

  3. POS illegals you done. Wrong people to mess with.Obama won't save your association this time.