Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fmr Congressman Anthony Weiner Tweets Wishing America A Happy 2015th Birthday , It Was A Joke

As much as I can't stand the guy and personally think he is one of the creepiest guys out there for posting pictures of himself nude under the guise of a fake profile name Carlos Danger, what Anthony Weiner tweeted about the 4th of July, yesterday was a joke.  

Yesterday he  tweeted that he wished America a Happy 2015th Birthday.  

His tweet though was a joke and it was based on another article that he read on twitter from the Business Insider which was about how dumb many have become in this country.  Many did believe yesterday was our 2015th.

Now many on the right or some poised to make the right look stupid are reposting Weiner's tweet without the full story.  This is making us look bad and no different that groups like "Occupy Democrats" that cut and splice information to make conservatives and Republicans look bad.

If conservatives and Republicans are to win the respect of the people, it is imperative that we try to be as honest and correct about what we repost about liberals and Democrats.

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