Monday, July 13, 2015

Candice Miller For MI Governor? Did Radio Network Jump the Gun?

Candice Miller
Candice Miller announced earlier this year she was retiring from her Congressional seat in Michigan's 10th district.

There has been wide speculation as to what she would do next.  Rumors have been flying that she would run for Governor in 2018 once her Congressional term expires in 2016.

A radio network in Miller's district may have jumped the gun with her ambitions and strangely the article no longer appears on either station in the network.  WPHM and WBTI are sister stations and both reported the story of Miller running for Governor of Michigan and now the article is "unavailable". 

Ruth Johnson
Another name that people would like thrown into the ring for Governor is current Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.   Johnson have vastly improved the Secretary of State and has offered more options to the Citizens of Michigan while cutting costs.  She has  also bucked her own party on various issues. In 2013,  she wanted a rule change to require expanded disclosure of donors for certain types of political advertising. The Republican-controlled Legislature responded by passing a law, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder, protecting the dark-money donors.  In 2012 she investigated fellow Republican and former speaker of the house, Jase Bolger for political gamesmanship when now indited for Marijuana possession, Ex-rep Roy Schmidt changed parties at the last minute from the Democrat party to Republican Party.  Although it was determined Bolger broke no law, Johnson said that "Voters Deserved Better".  

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