Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Attack on Trump, Censorship and Made Up Republican Party Position? Paul Welday on WXYZ TV In Detroit

Ok this is a rhetorical question; can someone tell me what an Oakland County Republican Committee Chairman is?  We will get to that in a minute.

L-R Clockwise -  Stephen Clark, Joann Purtan,
 Rocky Raczkowski, Paul Welday
Let us first lay the ground work, yesterday on WXYZ.TV ABC 7 4p.m News in Detroit former Michigan State Representative  and 9th District Republican Candidate for Congress, Rocky Raczkowski and long time  Michigan Republican Party operative  Paul Welday, who himself ran for Congress in 2010 and lost to fellow Republican Rocky Raczkowski, were on air discussing Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  

Both agreed that Trump's rhetoric needed to be toned down, but Rocky said Trump should stay in the race, he is a viable candidate but probably will not win it.  

Now here is where it gets interesting,  Paul Welday basically (which you will see from the video below) wants to silence Trump totally.  Welday who was chastising Trump for  insulting John McCain by saying  McCain was not a war hero ( a future story we are working on will let you determine if McCain was a war hero or zero), then himself insulted Trump by calling him a clown.  Welday also said Trump brought nothing to the table.  Welday who is from Oakland County then went on to dictate on live television that the Genessee County Chairman  Michael Moon should disinvite Trump and put in another Republican Presidential Candidate.  Welday would probably pick one of his "preferred" candidates.

If all this wasn't enough, during the introductions of Raczkowski and Welday something caught my attention.  WXYZ Senior Anchor Stephen Clark introduced Paul Welday as Oakland County Republican Committee Chairman.  Now what position is that?  There is the Oakland County Republican Party with Theresa Mungioli as Chairman.  Then there are multiple congressional boards in Oakland County as the county is divided amongst 4 congressional districts which are the 8th Congressional District with former  Michigan State Rep Tom McMillin as Chairman, the 9th Congressional District with Pamela Williams as Chairman, the 11th Congressional District with Mike Mitchell as Chairman, finally the 14th Congressional District with Janine Kateff as Chairman.

What is Paul Welday currently Chairman of??  Now at one time many years ago Paul Welday was Oakland County Republican Party Chairman, but not now.  He was also the Chairman of the 14th Congressional District, but was voted out and replaced with Janine Kateff in 2015.

Making up a title or position is disrespectful to those that rightfully were elected to their respective positions. 

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