Thursday, July 30, 2015

$50 Wal-Mart Gift Cards Being Handed Out On TaxPayer Expense To Join Obamacare

Is your state handing out $50 Wal-Mart Gift cards so that people join Obamacare?

"Did you know that the State of Michigan is providing $50 Wal-Mart Gift Cards to our 600,000 Medicaid Expansion
Senator Patrick Colbeck
enrollees as an "incentive" to complete their mandatory "healthcare paperwork"? In other words, we are incentivizing "dependence" upon the tune of $30M taxpayer dollars. This may yield additional insights into why I am such an outspoken opponent to Obamacare and Medicaid Expansion (Section 2001 of Obamacare)."  Michigan State Senator - Patrick Colbeck

In the meantime the State of Michigan Senate passed a resolution calling for a 15 Cent increase per gallon of gas at the pump as we do not have money for our roads.

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  1. Oh Really?!!! Whose bang up idea was this? Another boondoggle using Michigan taxpayers money!!! I wonder how much more this will go towards putting the State of Michigan's fiscal and financial budget in the RED and then a possible call for even more tax increases to fill in their budget hole?