Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Truth On Ted Cruz's Joke On Joe Biden

HOWELL, MI: Last night I attended the 55th annual, Livingston County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner, Ted Cruz was the featured speaker.

Cruz spoke for about 50 minutes and made compelling arguments to the audience as to why he should be the next President of the United States.

He brought up the fact that his critics say he cannot win, yet he stated he has set a record for the most money raised on a campaign opening day of over $1 million.  That was his goal for the first week.    He ended up raising over $4 million that week!   This was the best start to any Presidential campaign in the history of Presidential campaigns. He raised more than what Mitt Romney raised and twice as much as what John McCain raised during the same time. Of the donations that poured in,   Cruz went on to say that 95% of them came from average people that contributed less than $100.    Cruz said this shows his message is strong and that he has support from the grassroots not big corporations.

Cruz did not speak negatively of any Republican Presidential Candidate last night.  One reporter tried to trip him up before his speech by asking him about Jeb Bush.   Cruz called Jeb a fine American and a good man but reverted back to his own positives.

During his speech last night Cruz said that their will be a lot of candidates coming through Michigan and he believed Michigan would be a battle ground state.  He said a lot of them may say they stand for conservative principles and some have.    Cruz suggested to those in the audience to vett those Presidential Candidates that say they stand for Constitutional principles.  Some of the questions he recommend to those in attendance ask included:

Where were they when the national debt was being raised?

Where were they when it was time to defund Obamacare?

Where were they when they said they were against Common Core?

Where were they when ISIS rose up?

Where did they stand when Amnesty was being pushed down our throats?

Where were they for family values?

Cruz was a dynamic down to earth candidate whose speech injected humor and had the audience laughing.

The leftist media though saw how Cruz was captivating the audience last night and how his truths could hurt a candidate more to their liking.  Their hope is if they can not get their faltering Hillary Clinton in as President, they want to make sure that in their worse case scenario  a moderate left leaning Republican is then elected.

So the media looked at his entire speech and they believed they saw one possible weak area to exploit and it was a joke about Joe Biden, whose son Beau died last Saturday.  Like all other presenters such as speakers in the business world or comedians, they have a material that they use that they know engages the audience based on past experience.  So just like those other presenters that use scripted jokes, so did Cruz.

Cruz made a joke about Joe Biden and Joe Biden alone, he never mentioned Beau Biden's name.  He said it doesn't matter if you go to a Republican or Democrat, you just Joe Biden and nothing else and people will laugh.  

Cruz was right the audience in attendance were laughing hysterically as shown in the video with the joke below:

 However, and I hate to give this guy more attention, Detroit News Reporter Chad Livengood showed his biased colors yesterday and decided to come up with a new narrative for the night

Watching the video above did the laughter seem faint?  As an attendee last night I can assure you the laughter was not faint.

The fact is Joe Biden is not respected by either party.  He is the current sitting Vice President and had mentioned before about aspirations of running for President.  It is rare when a sitting Vice President doesn't run after the current President is termed out.    His party has put their focus on Hillary Clinton over good old Joe.    This was the joke and point Cruz made.  

As you saw from the video there was no disrespecting of Beau Biden's son Joe, but the media would like to make you think otherwise.

At the end of the speech, Detroit News Reporter Chad Livingood tried to corner Cruz and asked if that joke appropriate under Joe Biden's current dealings with the death of his son.  Knowing this was a trap set forth with a Reporter with an agenda, he wisely stepped away.  This did not sit well with the Livingood who decided to tweet the experience with video to push through his agenda. 

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