Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Back Where We Started Nov 2014, Senate Wants To Raise Gas Tax By 15 Cents

Last November the Michigan House and State Senate started pushing through a bill that would raise the Michigan Gas Tax by 15 cents, making Michigan the highest taxed state in the Country with  50 cents of every gallon going to the State of Michigan as tax.  This doesn't include the additional federal tax.  This proposal was so unpopular that it lead to a state wide ballot proposal called Proposal 1 which was also just as unpopular.

Now the Michigan State Senate is trying to push the same on a  rejected bill on us again. The Senate's tax version would include 15-cent increase in the tax on gasoline, phased in over three years.  This is the key component to the Republican 27-11 majority in the State Senate.

The increase would raise up to $800 million a years.

The question is why do we have to pay more in taxes if the unemployment rate went down from over 14% to just over 5% today?  Shouldn’t the new revenue from Income tax  lead to less taxes?

Senator Patrick Colbeck and State Representative Pete Lucido have both offered plans to fix the roads without raising taxes.  Michiganders have resoundingly voted for no new taxes and we expect our representatives to fix our roads making the necessary cuts.

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  1. Lansing is NOT listening. We are being Served Up, again!