Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Liberal Talk Show Host Defend Hillary Clinton's Clinton Foundation Says Women treated Worse In America Than Saudi Arabia

This afternoon I had my ears bleed listening to proud liberal Leslie Marshall debate Fox New Contributor Kevin Jackson 

While listening to Kevin Jackson debate Leslie (Hillary Booster) Marshall on Sean Hannity on the radio and could
Leslie Marshall be more rude? Kevin did not interrupt her when she spewed her nonsense defending Hillary Clinton and the strange operations of Clinton Foundation and as soon as Kevin started taking her points down one by one, she started yelling and screaming making it impossible for Kevin to be heard. Then she made a smart remark after Hannity took her off mute. She said "I'm Sorry Kevin for interrupting you, I am sure you'll survive"

Now Leslie Marshall is saying that women are treated worse in the United States than in Saudi Arabia. I bet Hillary can fix that.

You would think with Leslie Marshall has been a liberal radio talk host since 1988 and a commentator on national television since 2001, you would think she would have an idea of proper decorum on these formats.

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