Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gov Snyder and Senate Majority Leader Alran Meekhof Looking To Raise Taxes For Roads After Proposal 1 Failed

They just don't seem to get it in Lansing.  After a major ass-
Gov Snyder & Senate Majority Leader Meekhof
Looking To Raise Taxes For Roads
whooping with the defeat of the $1.2 billion tax increase proposal 1, our tax and spend legislators in Lansing are looking for another way to raise our taxes.

Governor Rick Snyder Business leaders don’t believe finding $1.2 billion in additional road funds without raising taxes is possible.  Why is it not possible?  With proper cuts to wasteful programs such as the Michigan Economic Development Corp (MEDC) which promotescronyism, killing the film subsidies that have done nothing to help Michigan as a whole and other wasteful programs that should generate a good chunk of the revenue needed.  

Some loud voices that have friends in the media are screaming if we get rid of the MEDC we won't have any more "Pure Michigan" commercials.  Has anyone verified the effectiveness of these commericals and why do they play frequently in our State?  Why doesn't the MEDC invest more to atract out of state tourism?

Also Michigan's unemployment rate has dropped from 14.1% to a "reported" 5.4%.  Where is this additional income tax revenue going?

The Michigan House should stick with a tough love approach and push through the cuts to unneeded programs such as the MEDC.

Here is where the trouble likes two-thirds of senators, mostly RINOs Republicans In Name Only, are term-limited and won’t face voters again in their current posts. The hope is that they’ll feel more free to vote for tax hikes.  What they don't realize is that they will be remembered for when they try to find another political hole to fill.

The Senate lead by disappointing Senate Majority (non) Leader Alran Meekhof is expected to back a plan already floated to raise the fuel tax by 5 cents a gallon each year for three years. That 15-cent hike will ultimately produce $750 million, with additional money found by bringing diesel fuel taxes in line with those on gasoline, and perhaps raising vehicle registration fees.  Michigan already has one of the highest gas taxes in the country, yet the worst roads.  How do you explain that?

It is likely to make us look like they are working in our favor, the senators will also offer up spending cuts  largely from the estimated $500 million MEDC budget, including the possible elimination of much or all of the $50 million film subsidy. The cuts are expected to be about half what the House passes.

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