Tuesday, May 12, 2015

End Of Conservative Talk From Beckman, Rush, Savage And Levin? WJR 760AM Considers Going To Sports

Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Frank Beckman'

Could the end be near for conservative radio talkers Frank Beckman, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Mark Levine on Detroit Radio?  WJR 760 AM is in serious contention to become a sports station and is looking to reclaim the broadcast rights for the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings.

WJR's re-entry into Tigers radio discussions indicates the station is
serious about returning to a sports landscape it once dominated. The Tigers were a WJR staple from 1964-2000, when a 50,000-watt station, with its clear channel (no other stations enjoy a frequency of 760) could be heard in 35 states and half of Canada.

At issue for the Tigers and any potential radio partner are raw rights fees, which are affected by ratings that have soared dramatically during the past decade.

With a string of four consecutive division championships, and two World Series appearances in the past nine years, Tigers broadcast ratings — television and radio — have rocketed. The Tigers own the second-highest ratings, per capita, of any market in the major leagues.


  1. I truly hope that this will not happen. I especially enjoy listening to Frank Beckmann in the morning and his wise and astute commentary and interviews. Beckmann's program would truly be a sad and great loss for the the Metro-Detroit area WJR-AM program listeners.

  2. I just called WJR-AM and was told by the young woman that answered the phone at (313) 875-4440 that there has been no talk of the program going to all sports and that this has been a rumor bandied about for quite some time.