Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Easy Target: ISIS Holds Massive Victory Parade But Where Is The Coalition?

Just yesterday we were told by the Obama administration that our planes were flying missions "looking for targets", how is it that the news media found this HUGE TARGET, and our attack planes did not? 

Could our pilots be under orders to not really pick significant targets, what else would explain this?

Are the leaders of this world intentionally allowing ISIS to grow so there could be an even larger conflict?

A few years ago a friend told something to me.  I didn't want to repeat it, because if true I did not want to put her safety in jeopardy. She unfortunately passed last month succumbing to cancer and a multitude of other health issues.    But she told me something and even she found it hard to believe , but in 1989 she, while working for Henry Kissinger, had access to a U.S. war room where they were planning World War III for 2016.   Could ISIS be the spark that starts this?  Why else are we being so weak on ISIS?

Here are photos ISIS posted on the Internet regarding their victory parade over the large city of Ramadi, Iraq

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