Sunday, May 10, 2015

Did Facebook Delete An Account Belonging To A Christian Conservative For Traditional Marriage?

David Wells
David Wells who calls himself a Christian Conservative is from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  He is also an active Republican activist. This evening he lost access to his Facebook account.  He believes because of his pro-traditional marriage stance between a man and a woman.  

Mr. Wells was promoting a campaign in Michigan called created by the Oak Initiative Group in Michigan.  The campaign by Oak Initiative is seeking  addition funds to place more of the billboards shown below across Michigan Highways and perhaps nationwide. 

According to Mr. Wells he stated he shared the Oak Initiative Billboard Posts and someone reported him. They suspended him indefinitely and now he must produce a Driver's License and file an Appeal. All because he shared a post supporting Traditional Marriage he believes.

Now since Facebook is a publically traded company, Mr. Wells may have a case himself of violation of his rights to freedom of speech as well as being discriminated against.

It will be interesting to see how fast Mr. Wells gets his Facebook account back once he perhaps seeks legal council. 


  1. The left is overreaching on this and many issues. They are used to getting their way. Well, they picked on the wrong guy. They must have thought he was a typical republican. He's actaully a Tea Partier and a patriot.

  2. It seems to me that there's a critical detail missing here. Given that I've never heard of FaceBook actually deleting someone's account for one-off behavior, I'm curious as to the proximate cause for Mr. Wells' exile (as well as why said cause was the final straw for whomever made that decision).

    The First Amendment prohibits Congress (and, via the Fourteenth Amendment, the State Legislatures) from abridging the freedom of speech, but says nothing about private organizations. The same restrictions that apply to the government do not apply to private persons, employers, or establishments. (Publicly traded or not, FaceBook is still a private company, and thus is free to police its "social clubhouse" as it sees fit.)

    That we, as American citizens, enjoy a protected right to freedom of expression, also requires that we are exposed to the legitimate consequences of exercising that right unpeaceably, including lawful retaliation from those of whom we run afoul.

    Mr. Wells has a known habit of "poking the bear" and then relying on his buddies to cover his retreat when the bear retaliates. (Tina Dupont, Rob VerHeulen, Jeff Roys, Dara Dale, Tom Norton, Christie Heine, Chuck Bates, and John Inhulsen are all now-vindicated examples that readily come to mind.) Those of us who've been dealing with this behavior for the past 3-1/2 years or so always knew that it was just a matter of time before Mr. Wells crossed one line too many. Those of us who repeatedly warned him to knock it off are now reaping a well-earned "we told you so" . . . there is a difference between "bluntly opinionated" and "in your face," and the latter isn't long tolerated by the power brokers with whom Mr. Wells routinely tangled.


    I doubt there is any recourse...maybe he should cut down on sharing such controversial and divisive content.

  4. Why should one not be able to profess his religious beliefs as guaranteed under the 1st amendment? What if you were the one controversial? Should you be silenced?

  5. The Heine joins the ranks of his known allies, the progressive leaning Power brokers he and his Ilk have long worked for. I will return. My account was shut down after a Homofascist slamfest resulting from promoting the Billboard fundraiser.

    None of the Tools listed above are vindicated, celebrating possibly, (Tina is no longer even a resident of MI yet still profits from her Co-opted (From the Founder Mark Petzold) West Mi Tea Party Website.
    Verhooligan is still a tax and tax again progressive. (Prop 1 Internet tax)
    His cousin Roys is as irrelevant as the Jackal.
    Norton is still cutting deals with the Kent GOP
    Chuck bates is simply an anti Agema, Anti Conservative pretender who does exactly what Heine accuses Me of. Attacks and baits, then sends messages to their WMI rally page to attack and report.
    Inhulsen is a puppet tyrant propped up to denounce any and all criticism of the Kent GOP Devos agenda.
    Yes FB shut me down, but blame the Homofascists, not the company. Meanwhile help the cause by putting up even more billboards.

  6. Contrary to asdasd's commentary, it appears David's Facebook pages was restricted temporarily due to unknown others apparently claiming he was moving a fictitious page.