Friday, May 8, 2015

Cleric On Hannity: Pam Geller Should Be Killed, Ok To Have Sex With Girls 9 Years Old

This past week on the Fox News Network’s show (Sean)
 “Hannity,” patriot Pam Geller, who is pushing for freedom of speech and exposing creeping Sharia law and outspoken Islamist Anjem Choudary got into literally a war of words about the intersection of faith and free speech in America, choosing instead to shout at and over each over for as long as Sean Hannity would let them.

Hannity began the segment by repeating the unverified threats against Geller’s life made by an English-speaking jihadi

Hannity turned to Geller and asked whether the FBI has contacted her about the “fatwa” put out on her. She said that the FBI has not reached out to her, but that the NYPD counter-terrorism task force had. Geller added that the person who should really be providing her with protection is President Barack Obama, “because he created an environment that raised the stakes on this,” noting that she had held a free speech conference on September 11, 2012 — the same day that the embassy complex in Benghazi, Libya was attacked.

Hannity then went to Choudary, and asked whether he supported the “fatwa” against Geller.

“This isn’t Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck they were drawing,” Choudary replied, “this is the prophet [and] this woman wants to have people draw cartoons that insult the prophet knowing full well that carries the death penalty in Islam. So definitely, she’s asking people to attack.”

“Is that how frail you are in your faith,” Hannity asked, “are you so insecure that your prophet can’t have a cartoon drawn about him? So you believe [Geller] should die? You want her to die!”

“You know what?” Choudary responded. “She should be tried in a Sharia court, be found guilty, and of course she would face capital punishment.” Hannity reminded Choudary that Geller isn’t a Muslim, but all Choudary could say was that she “should have thought about that before she had that competition. You can’t go down that road, insulting Muslims, and think the Muslims aren’t going to retaliate back. I would attack someone if they insult my mother, let alone the prophet who I love 100 times more.”

Anjem Choudary has made controversial statements before including a statement he made on the ABN Christian television network on a show called Jihad exposed.  On that show ANJEM CHOUDARY SAYS 9 YEAR OLD GIRLS ARE MATURE ENOUGH TO HAVE SEX WITH - "we believe that the lower age for the woman to become mature, meaning she is a mature woman, is at the age of nine and there is nothing wrong with that.  It is reported that the Muslim Prophet took a 9 year old girl to be his wife. 

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