Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Behind The Scenes, What Is Really Happening With The Oakland County Republican Party

There is a lot of incorrect information being posted on Facebook about the Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee and how they are pro-asset forfeiture, pro-Obamacare exchange and how they want Democrats to vote in Republican primaries.  Do you know how ridiculous this sounds?  

First of all nobody on that committee, that was there last week, is pro-asset forfeiture.  The resolution was voted down because it didn't follow the OCRP By-laws.  I was one of the ones that also voted it down as a proxy.   It wasn't because the resolution was bad it,  it violated the bylaws based on the time submitted.  The original resolution was not submitted in enough time for review by the committee. Resend the resolution now so it can be voted on at the next meeting.  Make sure the resolution is pure as well and doesn't contain pork, like our lawmakers like to throw in.   

Many that are on  the board call themselves Constitutional Conservatives and say they are fighting to save our Constitution, but are they really?  How good is your word when speaking in favor of the Constitution when you feel that bylaws should have the rules bent or ignored entirely?  Isn't this what Obama is doing to our Constitution?  Isn't our Constitution a set of bylaws in itself?

All executive board members in attendance were given a timeline of the next meetings and when to submit their resolutions in time to be voted on in the next meeting.   It seems that resolutions have been sent to the OCRP committee past the due date before this meeting.  It makes for good reading. Keep in mind a few may have ulterior motives is trying to push the resolutions through against what the by-laws require.  Two things rule this world, money and power and many will do whatever it takes to achieve this. 

Next, most on the committee I would say are against Obamacare and the exchanges. I don't know all the committee members but I do know the leadership.  I served with Theresa Mungioli on the old 9th District Congressional Board.  I can assure you that she is 100% against Obamacare.  I know Pam Williams very well, she too is 100% against Obamacare.  I know Greg Didilian not as well as Pam or Theresa, but as a small business owner, I don't think Obamacare is doing him any favors.

Then we have the fight over open or closed primaries or caucuses.  First of all those that want a closed primary, how do you truly have a closed primary? And with a caucus, let's be honest, those clamoring most for a caucus are those for Rand Paul hoping to shut out the other candidates.  Isn't this what we are accusing the "Establishment" of doing.  Shutting out the other candidates for their chosen "Jeb Bush or other"?   Also buy shutting out other candidates and not letting all Republicans have voice do you think they are even going to bother or donate?  Isn't this why Republican's have been losing in the first place??

One final thing on my rant as well.  We are not going to agree all the time.  I have had disagreements on stances on issues with those in leadership as well, but unless they are blatantly doing wrong for their own self-interest there is no need to attack them personally.  Stick to the issues, attack the issues.  If you do it any other way, it begins to look like you are the ones with the self-interests. 


  1. The rules seem to disallow timely expression on issues with a short fuse. If the legislature pops a bill(s) on a fast track, such as asset forfeiture and the tax increasing attempts at fixing roads and ignoring the May 5 vote, OCRP Rules appear to be a barrier to Oakland County Republicans speaking timely through their elected representatives and the County organization.

    If the rules are an impediment to expression and representation, they might be changed to correct the problem and give some hope of putting together a comprehensive team for the next election.