Friday, April 17, 2015

Did A Facebook Post Remove Rep Gamrat From Republican Caucus Or Is It Because She Leads In Poll For Next RNC Committee Woman?

Rep Cindy Gamrat (R)

A benign Facebook post has cause Speaker of the House Keven Cotter (R) to remove freshman Republican Representative Cindy Gamrat from the Republican Caucus.  

Could this move actually be in retaliation by establishment Republican's that are trying to remove the majority conservative base from the party?  There is a movement to weed out pro-traditional marriage and anti-abortion members from the party.   In addition the party establishment is working to make the party more secular.  For it is money rather than morals that a group in the establishment faction is more concerned about. 

Could this also be retaliation as Cindy Gamrat currently leads in polls to be the next Michigan Republican National Committeewoman?

Rocky Razckowski
Former Majority House Leader Rocky Raczkowski came out strongly in Representative Cindy Gamrat's defense "As a former Majority Leader in the House, I do NOT understand how this post has terminated State Rep Cindy A. Gamrat membership in the republican Caucus. Speaker Cotter should reinstate Gamrat now, unless we are missing some huge violation!"


  1. Hat Tip to Rocky for publicly stating the obvious.

    I don't know what's going on in Lansing anymore- other than progressives gone wild.

    But I do know that since the GOP doesn't want Rep Gamrat in their party, there's at least one in this state that actually stands on and promotes the same Founding Principles that she does- and they would gladly embrace her as one of their own.

  2. The Open Meetings Act should be applied to these party caucuses. The way they are handled in secret now we will never know if Cindy Gamrat's fate was due to any actual violations of the caucus rules or just another case of Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter’s and his cohorts playing at their own self-serving political games.
    Sunshine will help to eradicate the stink.