Saturday, April 4, 2015

CBS Reporter Files Bogus Fraud Complaint To Shut Down A GoFund Me Page For Christian Pizza Makers

Alix Bryan, Interactive Producer for CBS affiliate WTVR-TV in
Alix Bryan
Richmond, Virginia,  filed a bogus fraud complaint to GoFund me for a page that was raising funds for the Indiana business Memories Pizza.  Memories stated that they would not cater to any gay weddings.  The intolerant left threatened their lives, so they shut down.  This outraged Christians across the Country that wanted to help these fine people.

 Alix Bryan posted an explanation on her verified Twitter account Friday night about her actions filing a bogus fraud report about to GoFundMe about the Memories Pizza fundraiser. She titled it, “Thank you for your support.”

Only there are serious flaws in Ms. Bryan's "Thank You":

Let's break down those flaws:

click to enlarge

Dana Loesch, who co-founded the GoFundMe page with her Blaze TV show compatriots, was not at all satisfied, responding on Twitter to Bryan:

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