Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Is The Republican Party Honoring and Wishing Irrelevant Former Gov Milliken A Happy Birthday?

Today the Wayne County Republican Party issued a meme
wishing Former Governor William Milliken a happy birthday.  He served as Governor of Michigan under the Republican Party from 1969 to 1983. 

Milliken hasn't always been the best Republican.  As Governor many thought he was to progressive and

In 2004, Milliken endorsed Democrat John Kerry for President. In 2008, it was Republican John McCain. Although he withdrew it just a few weeks before the election.

Gary Peters (L) and Rick Snyder (R)
Ex Gov Williman Milliken's picks in 2014

And,this last election-cycle, Milliken has endorsed Democrat Gary Peters for U.S. Senate and Democrat Mark Totten for Attorney General over Terri Lynn Land and Bill Schuette respectively. 
Former Democrat Candidate For Attorney General Mark Totten with Former
Republican Governor William Milliken

When asked on Fox 2 Detroit's show "Let it Rip" about why Milliken endorsed Gary Peters and Mark Totten , former Michigan Republican Party Chairman said that Milliken was irrelevant. 
" FOX 2'S CHARLIE LANGTON: Governor Milliken, this week, endorsed Gary Peters. What’s going on with that?!
BOBBY SCHOSTAK: [Laughs] Well, what’s goin’ on with Governor Milliken? He’s not relevant any longer. It was relevant when… 
LANGTON: A fellow Republican is not relevant?! 
SCHOSTAK: He’s not relevant to this election. What’s relevant to this election is what Governor Snyder is doing, what Terri Land will do to represent "

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