Monday, March 9, 2015

Norm Hughes: Call In Ask Michigan Governor Snyder Tough Questions On Sales Tax

Norm Hughes
Here is your chance to ask Gov. Snyder: TOMORROW MORNING CALL IN!

 1) Why he will not repeal prevailing wag laws and save taxpayers $400 million a year ($224 Million on just school construction), or apply that savings to roads? 

2) If threat to life and damage to cars is such a threat, why is Only $400 million of the $2.2 Billion tax increase the first year going to roads? 

3) Why is only $800 million dedicated to roads the second year?

 4) What does throwing more money at schools, mass transit, earned income tax credits have to do with fixing roads? 

5) The Senate Fiscal Agency says the general fund budget and school aid fund will both increase be more than $2 Billion over the next three years. Why is that not enough to fix roads? 

6) The number of Public School students has been decreasing by a few thousand each year, but Republicans have been throwing another $250 million a year at schools. Why does this proposal guarantee another $300 million a year, even if the number of students keep decreasing. 

7) Why are you stubbornly refusing to look at other options that will fix roads without increasing taxes? Here is your chance to ask him: Do you have a question about fixing Michigan's roads, the River of Opportunity, the state budget, or any number of issues related to state government? 

You can ask Governor Rick Snyder your questions, and he'll be answering them live on Michigan Public Radio's Michigan Calling show on Monday, March 9 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. You can listen live on all public radio stations across the state or watch the live stream at 

Listeners with questions can call 866-255-2762. Questions can also be submitted in advance and during the broadcast via social media using the hashtag ‪#‎MICalling‬ on Twitter or by posting on the “Michigan Calling” page on Facebook.

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