Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Next RNC National Committeewoman From Michigan Is...

Sharon Wise, Ronna Romney McDaniel and Linda Lee Tarver
Wild speculations are flying around now that Ronna Romney McDaniel has resigned from her position as Republican National Committeewoman once she became Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

Many names of women in the Republican Party have been thrown around by many on Social Media.  including Lt. Gov Brian Calley's wife - Julie Calley, former candidate for Michigan Republican Chair - Kim Shmina, former candidate for Vice-Chair Marian Sheridian, former National Committeewoman and former U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land as well as many others.

There is a big push to nominate Upper Peninsula conservative activist Mary Sears by some. Mary holds the same conservative and fiscal values as Dave Agema and see her at the female version of Agema.

In reality the National Committee woman will probably be more in line with Ronna Romney McDaniel and a long term Republican Party activist.

If I were to place bets my best guesses for the National Committee Woman would be one of the following,  Betsy Devos - who has become an advocate for gay marriage especialy since her husband's right hand man Greg McNeilly married his long time boyfriend, Sharon Wise- the former Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party or Linda Lee Tarver - the former Ethnic Vice-Chair who would add more diversity to the National Committee.

My bet is that the position goes to Linda Lee Tarver.

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