Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Blog Obama Doesn't Want You To See- Previously Censored: Obama Compares ISIS To Christians

Last week Obama lead a prayer breakfast in which in his own words, which you will see from the  text and video below, he compared Christians to ISIS and then flashing the race card stated that Christians were also responsible for defending Slavery and Jim Crow Law* rather than blaming his party for the "Law".  I did a story on this and the Obama Regime censored it.   The Truth must not be censored so the story is being reposted with some updated information. 

Here is what Obama stated in his own words at the National Prayer Breakfast:

“Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.  In our home Country, slavery - Jim Crow all to often was justified in the name of Christ. "

Reverend Evangelist Franklin Graham posted on Facebook:

Today at the National Prayer Breakfast, the president implied that what ISIS is doing is equivalent to what happened over 1,000 years ago during the Crusades and the Inquisition, Rev. Graham wrote. “Mr. President — Many people in history have used the name of Jesus Christ to accomplish evil things for their own desires. But Jesus taught peace, love and forgiveness. He came to give His life for the sins of mankind, not to take life.”

Muhammad on the contrary was a warrior and killed many innocent people. True followers of Christ emulate Christ — true followers of Muhammad emulate Muhammad,” Graham, whose father is legendary evangelist Billy Graham wrote.

Outrage over Obama's statements have come far and wide and have resulted in some unique memes.  

Dinesh D'Souza

Hunter Cooper

James Woods

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