Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pencil-gate Did Pencils At Congressional District Election Already Predict Winners

Voters in Michigan's 1st Republican Congressional District have reported voting with pencils that had the winners of the night's elections already printed on them.   

1st Congressional District constituent Priscilla Miller stated on her Facebook page "Interesting!! I would love to see one of the Pencils passed out at last night's Michigan State GOP Convention. They just happened to list the names of ALL the candidates who won seats in the 1st Congressional District! Especially, since no 'Slates' of candidates running, were allowed! I for one do not believe in 'coincidence'!"

Antrim County Chair Trucker Randy Bishop, responded "the ENTIRE "Green Pencil Slate",..WON!!!

Jesse Osmer (Jesse was nominated by Triston Cole) - Chairman
John Haggard, Paul Neumier and Luke Londo (Luke was nominated by Greg MacMaster) won State Committeeman:
Kim MacMaster, Bev Bodem and Jeanne Cooper won State Committeewoman"


  1. So what? Someone was on the ball enough to campaign smartly. This is so petty. Randy Bishop won and he was not on that pencil. I was a teller at Caucus AND Convention for the first district. When you are not on the ball enough to think about doing this, too bad. Nothing stopped anyone else from say.... having Canvas Bags provided with THEIR list of preferred Candidates. Ms Miller was not even there and Mr Bishop left after Caucus, along with the rest of his voters. Greg McMaster and Kim McMaster were elevated to vote for Antrim County. If you go away pouting, you don't get to complain. Maybe next time they will campaign smarter. This "Pencil Gate" is Petty. I voted also, with one of those pencils. It did not influence my vote one bit.

  2. Oh, and I stayed and secured my Vote and the Votes of my County..... Too bad others of us didn't.