Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mike Mitchell: The Right Choice For Michigan's 11th Congressional District

When one stands for what is right with risk to themselves
they should be rewarded.

We have two great candidates for the 11th Congressional Republican District Committee Chairman position, the first term incumbent Mike Mitchell and challenger Matt Maddock.  Both are strong conservatives.  I have the utmost respect for both men, but much consideration Mike Mitchell does deserve another term as Chairman of the 11th District. 
As a outspoken conservative member of the 11th Committee I can attest that Mike Mitchell is a conservative.  Mike has constantly reached out to board members for their opinion before making any rash decision.   I cannot recall a time during his first 2 year term when he approached me with a different view on issues that what I share.

Mike Mitchell
As the 11th District Chair Mike and through his leadership on the  committee  opposed  common core, passed a resolution reaffirming the 5th Amendment and Due process by opposing the NDAA act,  opposed medicaid expansion and supported the Republican Platform by opposing changes to it. 

At our last meeting Mike Mitchell invited Scott Haggerstrom, formally of American's For Prosperity,  and now with Paul Mitchell's "Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals" to come and speak with us and educate the district on Proposal 1, the sales tax proposal.  Mike wanted the board and the constituents in the district to know how the Proposal would effect them if passed.    Just like you and I ,  Mike is tired of the waste in Lansing. 

Any constituent that had an issue or had a resolution that they wanted to have the committee to look at, Mike made sure they had a chance to speak. 

Our meetings were always open to the constituents of the District and many did take advantage of watching the 11th District board meetings and participating in the meetings. 

Under Mike's leadership the board adopted new bylaws that kept the 11th Congressional District neutral in all primaries and no endorsements or donations were given to candidates in primaries.  An individual board member could make an endorsement but they could not mention the 11th Congressional District in their endorsement.

As the Chair of the 11th district, Mike kept his campaign promise to promote a fair and open party.  A party that supports every candidate’s right to run for office, and right to be heard.  That is why he was proud to be one of only two District Chairs that signed Wes Nakagiri’s petition to run for Lt. Governor.  And recently he  signed both Ronna Romney McDaniel’s and Norm Hughes’s petitions to run for State Party Chair without any stipulations.  Mike's belief whether or not you or I support these candidates, they have a right to be heard and we have the right to vote or not vote for them.  

Mike also kept his promise to bring tea party conservatives into the party.  We had tea-party conservatives on the board and Mike discussed with me about the potential of adding a tea-party conservative to State Committee when a spot opened up.  Unfortunately the tea-party member left our board before that opportunity arose.  

Mike has been very open to new members becoming delegates.  Mike made sure that we asked all in attendance in our meetings if they wanted to become a delegate during our meetings in early 2014 up to our April meeting, right before the May filing deadline.  Mike made it easy for one to be a delegate as well as he personally offered to deliver delegate forms to the Wayne County Office and Barb Harrell offered to take the forms to the Oakland County Clerk's Office.

Mike was not only a leader but an extremely hard worker.  He was instrumental in putting together many of our district events from Christmas Parties to Summer Picnics.  All of this while maintaining his full time private sector job.  Mike was one of the hardest workers and many have dubbed him the go to guy for putting up campaign signs.  I can attest this fact as during October of last year, every time I called him, he was putting up signs for many of the candidates in the district.   Mike has also donated hours of time door knocking and making phone calls for multiple candidates.

Because Mike did fight back against establishment forces and kept his word, he deserves a second term.   It is a rarity to find someone that actually keeps their word in politics

I do hear by give my endorsement to Mike Mitchell for re-election to a second term.  

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