Friday, January 16, 2015

Too Young To Be Youth Chair: Will The Michigan Republican Party Disqualify Joey Gamrat

Joey Gamrat is the son of Cindy Gamrat, the new State Representative in the 80th District.  Joey  served as her
Campaign Manager during the 2014 election cycle as well as other races across the state including this last election he  also served on Ron Weiser’s campaign for University of Michigan Regent.

However even though Joey has experience beyond many 17 year olds his age, he can not get around his age.  Joey will  not be able to register to vote until May 6th of this year as he will not turn 18 until July 3rd of this year and the Michigan legislature has deemed May 5th as the next election date.  Joey will be unable to participate in this election as he will not be a registered voter.

 The Michigan Republican Party policy committee has deemed that Joey is ineligible because the bylaws state that a party officer must be a registered voter, which Joey is not and cannot be till May 6.

 Joey said “ The bylaws are silent however on the qualifications to run and be elected. So theoretically I should be able to run, win the election, but then wait until May 6 to be seated”

The big question; will he be allowed to run?

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