Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sick: NBC News Anchor Watches Daughter's Anal Sex Scene And Is Unfazed!

NBC's Nightly News anchor watched daughter Allison Williams' explicit sex scene during the Season 4 premiere episode of "Girls" in New York City last week and appears to be unfazed by the rather
uncomfortable scene.

"She's always been an actress. For us, watching her is the family occupation and everybody has to remember it's acting, no animals were harmed during the filming, and ideally nobody gets hurt," Williams told New York magazine in an interview about his 26-year-old.

Williams, who plays Marnie in the hit HBO show, explained when it comes to her parents, "They too are veterans of the show, so their thinking has changed as well."

She also elaborated on filming the bottom-baring clip with Ebon Moss-Bachrach's character, Desi.

"I read it in the script and I went into total action mode," Williams said

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