Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Flint Urban Culture Founder and Candidate For Michigan Republican Ethnic Vice Chair Support Dave Agema

L-R Kendrick Wallace, Dave Agema and Darwin Jiles Jr.
Taken 1-9-15

More evidence that shows that shows what many are saying, the outrage against Dave Agema is a false outrage for the Establishment Republicans to ignore the will and vote of the majority of the Republican Delegates in this state.  Darwin Jiles Jr., who is the founder of Flint Urban Culture and is a candidate for Ethnic Vice Chair proudly stands with Dave Agema.  

Former Congressman
Lt Col Allen West
Establishment Republican's are calling Dave Agema a racist because he shared a post by Lt. Col Allen West.  Assuming that since Allen West posted a link on his page, Dave assumed the story was legitimate. 

Many have been fooled on social media by assuming information is legitimate.  It even happens to professional reporters.  Just last year during the winter of the "Polar Vortex" , Macomb Daily Reporter believed that the ice wave picture on Lake Huron was legitimate, only it wasn't.  It is geographically impossible at the present time for a wave like this to form on any of the Great Lakes.  This wave was actually an Antarctic wave.   So is it any wonder that the article that Dave Agema reposted from Lt. Col Allan West was an honest mistake?

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