Saturday, January 17, 2015

Conspiracy Is Dave Agema Under Attack For Traditional Values?

By David Wells
Just 2 short years ago Dave Agema was the Must Have endorsement for anyone seeking republican office in MI. Then he Authored and Passed the "5 Core Values Resolution" at the RNC. He returned to a year long onslaught to oust him from his position.

Conspiracy theory? What seems more Logical, That Agema is under attack for his support of traditional values? or that the entire apparatus of the Secular Progressive Homosexual attack machine, Left wing media, Progressive MIGOP leadership, the secular leaning agenda driven "Fiscal Only" media talking heads, the Democrat attack machine, all just happened to come together through serendipity? All conveniently ignoring the TRUTH that Agema sourced the Article from Col Allen West, Himself often a target of the left wing of both parties, yet amazingly ignored in this case. All conveniently repeating the same talking points each day? All conveniently ignoring Dave Agema's past record.

Below are five core principles taken from the Republican Party Platform. These central values were passed unanimously as a single resolution by the Republican National Committee:
Our rights come from God, and it’s the government’s job to protect those rights. We believe in traditional marriage, not homosexual marriage. We believe in your right to bear arms, and it should not be infringed. We believe in legal immigration, NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. We believe in the sanctity of life.


MBA, Business Management and Supervision, Central Michigan University, 1975
Attended, United States Air Force Commando Staff and Squadron Officer School, 1973-1974
BA, Economics, Calvin College, 1971

Political Experience

Representative, Michigan State House of Representatives, 74th District, 2007-2012

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees

Vice-Chair, Center Right Caucus
Vice Chair, House Aviation Caucus
Vice Chair, Immigration Task Force
Chair, Majority Caucus
Assistant Minority Whip, Republican Caucus
Co-Chair, Taxpayers Caucus

Professional Experience

Manager/Consultant, Sales and Human Resources, Machine Shop
Served, United States Air National Guard
Senior Captain, American Airlines, 1978-2008
Business Manager, Machine Shop, 2004-2006
Fighter Pilot/Officer, United States Air Force, 1970-1996
Produce Manager, Fruit Basket Flowerland, 1969-1970

Religious, Civic, and other Memberships

Member, Carpenters House Ministries
Member, Ionia Jail Prison Ministry
Member, National Rifle Association (NRA)
Missionary, Pray America
President, Sabaoth House Ministries, present

Captain, Airline Pilots Association, 1978-2006

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