Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Race For Michigan Republican Chair: Who Else Is In?

After current Chairman Bobby Schostak announced that he will not run for a third term, current Michigan National Committeewoman and Mitt Romney's niece, Ronna Romney McDaniel announced that she was running for Republican State Chair.

Now additional names are being mentioned.

Pete Lund
Pete Lund  is currently a term limited State Representative for Michigan’s 36th district has publicly stated “If he’s (Bobby Schostak) out, I’m probably in.. “I’m talking to people hypothetically about things, and I feel very good about the response.”  As State Rep. , Pete Lund was selected to head the House Republican Campaign Review Task Force, a precursor to being selected as Chairman of the House Republican Campaign Committee.

A sponsored advertisement, in which Pete mention's his consideration if Bobby Schostak doesn't run,is currently running on Facebook which gives indication that Pete is ready to jump in

Another Candidate Kimberly Shmina  of Fair Haven (St. Clair County) has formed an exploratory committee.  

Kimberly & Michael Shmina
Kimberly is married to Michael Shmina who in 2010 ran for State Representative against and lost to Andrea La Fountain in Michigan’s 32nd district. Kimberly most recently ran for the Algonac School Board (St. Clair County).  

Kimberly Shmina say’s “  I am very conservative and my primary goal would be to help unite the
party using our conservative principles and to encourage teamwork and open and honest expression! I cannot stand the direction our country , state and communities are now headed. It seems freedom too often takes a back seat to the needs of special interests and the vocal minority”

Also being mentioned in being interested or encouraged to run include, former Senatorial Candidate Terry Lynn Land who ran in 2010 before dropping out and endorsing  Bobby Schostak,  former MSU Trustee candidate Jeff Sakwa, current 14th District Chairman and long time party operative Paul Welday,  Kent County GOP Chair Dave Dishaw and term linted but very conservative State Representative Tom McMillin. 

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