Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mother Charged With Giving Her Children Medical Marijuana Rather Than Prescription Pills

WEXFORD COUNTY MICHIGAN: Amy Cunningham, of the town of Mesick  is charged with child
Amy Cunningham
abuse after police say she gave her young sons marijuana for medical reasons.

The Mesick woman is charged with two counts of third degree child abuse, and delivering and making marijuana.

The prosecutor says Amy Cunningham gave her 10-year-old marijuana to help with emotional issues and her 12-year-old to treat ADHD.

Amy Renee Cunningham allegedly gave her 12-year-old son marijuana to treat ADHD because she preferred the child to have that over prescribed pills.

She told investigators she would rather her children be given marijuana, than take the pills they're prescribed..

Police got involved after Cunningham told Child Protective Services she gave marijuana to her children.

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