Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elliot Larsen Expansion "Dead For Now", Bill Sponsor Frank Foster Couldn't Defend Expansion

IT'S DEAD FOR NOW,...NOT enough support to get the expansion of the Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act (to include LGBT individuals) passed out of Commerce Committee!!! - Stated a joyful Antrim Republican County Chair (Trucker) Randy Bishop. 

 Another activist, Minister Stacy Swimp went on his page to report :

Dear Saints of God:

The proposed expansion of Michigan's civil rights laws to include “sexual orientation” legislation was defeated today in the MI House Commerce Committee.

The Bill did not have enough votes to successfully pass and go forward.

It is not necessarily a final victory, as the homosexual agenda will continue fighting for legitimacy.

However, it was a significant win for the kingdom of God, for religious freedom, and even for Biblical marriage.
Only three people were called and permitted an opportunity to testify in opposition to this Bill today.

I was blessed to one of the three.

I also submitted 30 copies of written testimony opposing the proposed Bill which sought to expand our State Civil Rights Bill by adding "“sexual orientation” to it, as though sexual behavior is a "civil right".

As I testified, you could sense the entire tone of the meeting drastically changed,.As I used empirical data to destroy the false comparison of "gay rights" with civil rights.

Even the pro homosexual Chairperson, Republican Frank Foster was flustered and attempted to defend what he could not prove when I asked him "Can you site a singular case to support your claims of discrimination against homosexuals?"

He, after unsuccessfully tying to change the real issue (I didn't allow that!), responded:

"We'll get that to you"

Don't bet on it!

I will keep you posted.

Keep praying and keep putting pressure on your representatives to defend your religious freedom and Biblical marriage!.

(Note: Keith Den Hollander, President of Michigan Christian Coalition and Attorney David Kallman also testified against this Bill and did a great job!)

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