Friday, December 19, 2014

Candidate Announces She Is Running For Republican Party Chair

Ronna Romney McDaniel
Earlier today current Michigan Republican State Party Chairman Bobby Schostak announced that he would not be seeking a third term.

The first candidate since his announcement to run for the Michigan Chairman position is Mitt Romney's niece Ronna Romney McDaniel.  Ronna was promoted from 11th District Congressional Republican Committeewoman to State Committewoman when Terri Lynn Land began her serious but failed run for U.S. Senate.

Below is Ronna's Announcement:

 As National Committeewoman, it’s been my honor to travel our state and talk with so many of you about the future of the Republican Party. We’ve talked about the importance of our party’s commitment to conservative principles, our desire for a re-invigorated grassroots, and our need for everyone to have a seat at the table as we talk about how to better our party.
In an effort to advance that discussion and lead the GOP into a new and united era, I am announcing my candidacy for Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.
As Chair, I will work tirelessly to ensure we head into Election Day 2016 inspired and united as we work to take the White House back from the most destructive President of my lifetime. We’ll use technology smarter and more effectively, continue to improve our election operations and work to effectively communicate our message. I believe that if we properly articulate conservatism, we will win every time.
And it starts with principles.  We are the Party of lesser government, lower taxes and more individual freedom.  We are the party that fights for policies to help grow small businesses, and eliminate policies that serve as state sponsored roadblocks to prosperity. We must support the Constitution and the blessings of liberty it provides.  We must never forget that our rights come from God and not the government. These principles define us as a Party, separate us from the Democrats and will carry us into 2015 and beyond.
Over the past 20 years, I've been fortunate enough to be involved in all levels of politics.  My first job was driving for my mom in her U.S. Senate race.  Since then, I’ve been involved in numerous local and national elections, fundraising, been elected as a Precinct Delegate and Executive Committee member. I’ve listened and worked with the grassroots, which comes natural as someone who came up through and IS PART OF the grassroots, and I want YOU to be involved as we move forward together.

I'm ready to lead our Party. I’m ready to work with all Republicans in order to bring us together. I'm ready to build off our successes in Michigan in 2014 and prepare us for success in 2016.  I'm ready to stand with each of you.  After six long years of an Obama Administration, victory is no longer an option.  It's a requirement. We will work and win together.

I am asking for your support for State Party Chair. In the coming days, weeks and months I'll be reaching out to many of you to get your feedback on where you think we need to go and what needs to be done.  Over the last four years, Bobby Schostak worked incredibly hard and sacrificed so much of his time to give us the resources we needed to win and he is owed our thanks.  But, we have much work to do, county parties to build and a conversation to have as we move into 2016 united as one Republican Party.
 I look forward to speaking with you. Call me anytime at XXX-XXX-XXXX or email me at

Ronna Romney McDaniel

Other announcement for party offices so far include:

Adi Sathi
Adi Sathi, who currently serves on the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee,  is running for Coalitions Vice-Chair as current Vice-Chair Victor Diaz has decided not to run for another term.

 Joey Gamrat for Youth  Vice Chair.  Joey is the sun of Plainwell Tea Party
Joey Gamrat
Founder and now State Representative Cindy Gamrat.

Mike Banerian for Youth Vice Chair.  Mike has worked on several political campaigns including Don Volaric for Congress in 2012 and most recently as campaign manager for Michigan Republican Party Vice-Chair of 
Mike Banerian
Grassroots Nick Hawatmeh's campaign for State Representative in Michigan's 25th District.

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