Friday, December 19, 2014

Bobby Schostak To Not Seek Re-election As Michigan Republican Party Chair.

Bobby Schostak is stepping down as Michigan Republican Chair and will not run for a third term.
 Below is his announcment :

What a great year!
 This year's historic victory was made possible by the dedication and determination of our candidates, volunteers and staff, and the tremendous generosity of our donors. It was hard work and a lot of late nights for many of us, but we kept our state headed in the right direction.
 This has been a long journey that started after the 2012 election. We set out to redefine the way elections are run, and won. We invested early in technology and volunteer recruitment. We ran aggressive political, fundraising and communications programs to support our candidates in every possible way. Our approach led to a record-breaking number of voter contacts and dollars raised.
 We returned Governor Snyder, Secretary Johnson and Attorney General Schuette to office, and we gave them historic majorities in the State House and Senate. We retained our conservative majority on the Michigan Supreme Court, and we returned nine Republicans to the U.S. House of Representatives.
 This grassroots committee is like no other in the nation, and I am humbled by the unyielding support we have received. I can't tell you how proud I am of all that we accomplished together, the hard work and determination of our volunteers and candidates, and the groundwork we laid for 2016.
 Those before me paved the road for a Michigan Republican Party that I have had the privilege to navigate these last four years.
 Today, our committee is the gold standard of Republican state committees across the country and well positioned for the future. As a result, I feel now is the time to turn the mantle over to the next great leader to take this organization to the next level as I focus on helping Republicans in Michigan and across the country in new ways.
 I look forward to being a part of political discussions and engagement in Michigan and beyond in the coming months and years. With our collective efforts, Michigan will continue to be led by solid conservative Republican leaders for generations to come.
 Thank you again for your friendship and support as we venture ahead together to build on our most recent successes in Michigan and beyond.

Bobby Schostak
Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party

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