Saturday, December 6, 2014

AFTER SCHOOL: New App that Allows Children To Download Porn And Other Unsavory Things

Clarkston Michigan: Clarkston
schools administrators have sent an email blast to students’ parents warning them about a new social media application called "After School" that allows kids to see pornographic videos and bully their peers anonymously with no repercussions.

According to Clarkston School District's e-mail, the app — found on and only available on iPhones, iPods and iPads , has gained in popularity in the Clarkston Michigan school district and elsewhere.  The same warning has also been sent out to the Howell Michigan school district as well. 

To check if a student has downloaded the application, look for an icon of a tiger wearing yellow striped sunglasses.  

 It’s free to download and is also accessible through Facebook. It claims to be a private, anonymous online message board for your school but is actually in no way affiliated, endorsed or organized by districts. The content includes sexually explicit videos and photos as well as inappropriate comments and messages about fellow students and others. Officials say since all of the posts are anonymous, there is little a district can do if a student is being bullied or harassed and there’s no way to identify the person posting the comments.

To learn more about how to discuss social media with students, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics at and search for “Social Media.”

The After School app is developed by Ambient and their contact information is:

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