Friday, November 7, 2014

Squatting on the Squatter

Detroit homeowner Sarah Hamilton wanted to sell her house,
but was having some trouble.

No, it wasn’t a down seller’s market — it was a squatter.

Hamilton had a difficult battle: In the process of trying to
get Lynn Williams out her house, WJBK-TV reported Hamilton was threatened with a knife.

Then police were called, at which point Lynn Williams said Sarah Hamilton
had tried running her over with a vehicle.

The homeowner, Sarah Hamilton was arrested, and with that,
the squatter. Lynn Williams went right back to squatting.

Things got quite things interesting after WJBK reporter Charlie LeDuff entered the scene. He met with the homeowner, Sarah Hamilton and her attorney, and was given a set of keys and as well as the deed and lease paperwork 

When the Charlie LeDuff  arrived at the house and met Willams , he told he/her that he had the keys, the deed, and permission from the landlord to move in, the squatter appearedconfused, ”Let you in ‘your house’? This is Lynn Williams’ house.”

LeDuff asked Lynn Williams why she/h felt entitled to live
in a house she didn’t own without permission.

“Well…I’m not the only one that is squatting. It’s a lot of
other people on the block, if you want to be technical,”  Lynn Williams responded. “And a lot of people
encouraged me to do what I’m doing now.”

Charlie LeDuff came back again with facts: “But this isn’t
your house”

“But I have put a lot of work in here and I spent a lot of
money,” Williams replied. “I am on a fixed income.” Indeed, Williams claimed she was on social security — for an ailment she couldn't verify.

Charlie then spotted some curious electrical wiring connected to a neighbor’s house.

“Is that power legit?”  He asked. 

Williams responded “I am blessed”.  

Then the Detroit police pull and Charlie LeDuff tells Williams.  "I don't think you are going to get away with this."

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