Sunday, November 2, 2014

Radio Host Lambastes Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Schauer On His Lies

Mark Schauer
Mark Schauer continues to lie to the people of Michigan.  His biggest lie is that current Governor Rick Snyder took $1 Billion from school funding in this state.  Many newspapers including the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press confirm that Mark is not being truthful.  

Now add to the list WJR 760AM Detroit radio host Paul W. Smith.  Paul wrote a scathing editorial in the Nov 1st edition of the Detroit news.  Here is what he said:

Paul W Smith
My biggest frustration is the possible success of a most dishonest (though effective) campaign by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer. I begged him to talk substantively about what he would do if he becomes governor, even to tell us any number of things he doesn’t like about what Gov. Rick Snyder has done, but please stop repeating over and over the lie that the governor has “cut a billion dollars” from Michigan school funding.

 It just did not happen.

 In life, no matter how many times you tell a lie, it doesn’t make it true.

 Unfortunately, in a political campaign, the truthfulness of a claim is not nearly as important as the effectiveness of the damage of that claim against an opponent. 

It’s up to you to set the record straight.

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  1. If Mark Shauer is so willing to keep telling an all out lie ... even though it has been disproved by many legitimate sources ... then how many blatant lies would he tell to the people if he even sat in the office of the governor?