Monday, October 27, 2014

Should One Be A Supreme Court Judge With No Judicial Experience?

Shouldn't one have judicial experience before running for the highest court in the land?  In this case it is the Michigan Supreme Court?

Richard Bernstein
Screen Cap From The Law Offices Of Sam Bernstien
Richard Bernstein, who is an amazing man and brilliant attorney is running for Michigan Supreme Court.  The problem is  Richard has never had any experience as a judge.

Richard is the son of famed Michigan attorney Sam Bernstein of the Sam Bernstein Law firm.  The Sam Bernstein law firm is one of the largest firms in Michigan. 

Because he has no prior experience as a judge, Richard is running campaign advertisements that include him running a marathon as blind man.  I am not sure what running a marathon has to do with being a judge, but I do praise Richard for his courage in over coming his disability.  

One should never be promoted just because of a disability alone, it should be based on merit and experience.

Another elephant in the room is if Richard does become a Supreme Court Justice, will he and how often will he have to excuse himself  from the bench should cases from his Father's firm reach the high court?

I truly hope that Richard remains with his Father's law firm as an attorney.  He is brilliant and would hire him in heartbeat for myself. 

Should Richard Bernstein become a judge to the Supreme Court?  Perhaps one day, but not without first having judicial experience as a judge in a lower court.  

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