Monday, October 6, 2014

Schools Going Meatless On Mondays

Starting today, meat is off the menu at all Sarasota County Florida schools. 

They're launching Meatless Mondays.  Forget the fact that human's are carnivores and we need meat to fufill our nutrient requirements including protein.  This is even more important in children.

The district says there will be no revolt from hungry students because kids have actually been pushing for lunch trays with only veggies on board.

What's on a meatless menu? Things like hummus and vegetable subs, veggie pasta bakes, spaghetti, pizza sticks you can dip, taco salads, and more.

Why make this change? The district says the number one reason, really, is that students are asking for it. The district surveys students and runs focus groups with kids and, in general, the results show students want healthy foods and more menu options with no meat. There's also a national effort to promote healthy eating and living with Meatless Mondays. It's been going for a decade now.

The food chief for Sarasota County Public Schools told us Meatless Monday is a good way to get kids thinking about how to fight obesity and other chronic health problems. Although, she does say that since the menu items are rearranged from other days, the direct benefit for kids' health won't be too huge.

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