Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Report Says Sexual Harassment High For Waitresses

Here we go again with those wanting to increase the minimum wage with out having to educate or apply themselves.
Waitresses complaining of  sexual harassment 

According to a report in today's Detroit Free Press, some 90% of women in restaurant jobs that depend on tips report being bothered at work by some form of sexual harassment, according to a scathing report on the restaurant industry out Tuesday.

It is particularly a problem, the report says, for women restaurant workers in states where tipped jobs have the lower federal minimum wage of $2.13. The federal minimum for non-tipped workers is $7.25. Both are higher in many states.

"We need to eliminate the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers in the United States," says Saru Jayaraman, co-director and co-founder of the non-profit restaurant worker's group, Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) United, which oversaw the 34-page report, "The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry.

Could it perhaps be how some women in the restaurant industry dress or conduct themselves during the meal.  In order to get a large tip many women will flirt with the man or men of the table.  I personally have experienced having waitresses flirt with me to get the big check and much to my displeasure when I am sitting with a female date across from me

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