Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mark Schauer Is Counting On Voter's Forgetting His Campaign "Money Laundering" Scheme

Mark Schauer Charged With The Largest Fine
In Michigan History For Campaign Fraud

Mark Schauer has spent his time in Michigan representing special interests and partisan policies that hurt our state and families. Schauer doesn't want voters to remember that he was hit with the largest fine in Michigan’s history for what several media outlets , including the Battle Creek Inquirer called ‘money laundering’ in 2009.

Mark Schauer chaired the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee and oversaw the Senate Democratic Fund, for which his big-talking chief of staff, Ken Brock, took over as treasurer.

The fund raked in $440,000 above the legal limit of $20,000 per person – which the Dems don’t deny. Twelve senatorial candidate committees did, with Schauer’s as the worst offender at $187,000.

The moolah was instantly pumped into the campaigns of four key candidates, three of whom were trounced anyway.

For state races, this is a staggering chunk of change. The grievance is pretty cut and dried (some might call it money laundering). When seven candidates got wind of the GOP’s secretary of state complaint, they ostensibly demanded a refund. Marky-Mark did not.

Here’s how Schauer’s illegal scheme worked. The Congressman, then a state legislator decided to go ahead and raise a bunch of illegal campaign cash. He received illegal money from Democrats including Carl Williams, Alexander Lipsey, Bob Schockman, Gretchen Whitmer, Mickey Switalski, Buzz Thomas, Liz Brater, Mike Prusi, Gilda Jacobs, Glenn Anderson and Mark Slavens and then pitched in $187,000 himself. Mind you, the limit is $20,000.

Once the Democrats realized they’d been discovered each of the folks who were still working in the legislature went ahead and asked for refunds.

Essentially they said “oops, our mistake, don’t punish us for it!” Prusi, Whitmer, Switalski, Brater, Thomas, Slavens and Jacobs all took their illegal cash back, admitting they’d been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and trying to make things right (well after the fact).

But no such change of heart from Mark Schauer. When he breaks the law he stands by his criminal activity! And he stood by his man, too. Ken Brock

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