Monday, October 6, 2014

Common Core In Michigan: High School Students Study Islam And Then Must Teach To Younger Students

You can no longer have Christmas Break or Easter Break in public schools.  These breaks are now called Winter break and Spring Break respectively.  So one can imagine how upset one parent became once she learned what her daughter was learning in her high school class.

Jeanette who has a daughter in the Jenison school district near Cedar Springs Michigan posted on her Facebook page with a copy of the assignment given to her 10th grade daughter  for her World History class.  Jeanette states the assignment was to make a pamphlet geared toward a third grade audience on Islam.

Once word got out about the assignment all stopped and nothing was  handed out to third graders.    Jeannette said "This assignment upset me because they are presenting Allah as the same God of the Christians and Jews. This paper, in my opinion, is promoting Islam by describing Allahs names as 'beautiful'. To me this is not simply factual like it should be. I have a meeting on Tuesday with the principle of Jenison High School to discuss my concerns

The question must be asked, if Christians and Jews can no longer celebrate their religion and religious holidays in public schools, why is Islam being forced down students throats?

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