Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DemocRAT Gary Peters Thinks Michigan Voters Are Stupid

Michigan U.S. Senate candidate and current carpet bagging congressman Gary Peters must think we are stupid. It's the only explanation for this ad.
Gary Peters Pet Coke

The Democratic Senate Campaign committee is attacking  Republican Senate Candidate Terri  Lynn Land for "connections" to petcoke in Detroit.

But here's the truth: while they are making these attacks, Peters is actually profiting off of petcoke! He owns stock in a company that is one of the largest petcoke producers in the world!

When he was asked about it, he called it "just a little bit of stock."

The sheer hypocrisy of attacking an opposing candidate for allegedly being involved in something that your candidate is ACTUALLY making thousands of dollars off of boggles the mind.

What's even more outrageous is that at the exact same time that Peters is profiting off of petcoke, he is also out there on the stump making self-righteous sermons about the evils of petcoke saying it's terribly, horribly dangerous to Michigan. Meanwhile, he's lining his pocket with money from petcoke.

The Lansing State Journal dismissed Peters’ attacks.

There is no evidence Land had or has anything to do with it. There is also nothing linking her with pollution in Detroit’s 48217 ZIP code.
 Peters’ hands, however, were not nearly as clean, according to the Journal. The oil company he invested in was forced to pay nearly $9 million in fines in 2013 for polluting the environment.
 Peters’ ownership of shares in Total Petrochemicals, the French company’s U.S. subsidiary, is fair game for questions. The company owns a refinery that makes pet coke in Port Arthur, Texas — a city where several articles have been written about the effects of toxins on residents. Total paid an $8.75 million fine last year for earlier violations of pollution limits.
 He still presumably stands to profit from its products, including pet coke, a substance his allies called in a recent ad targeting Land “some of the dirtiest oil waste imaginable.” Considering the emphasis Peters has put on the piles that once abutted the Detroit River, raising questions about his shares of Total S.A. is inbounds.

So in summary:

Who claims he believes petcoke is dangerous to Michiganders' lives? Gary Peters.

Who is personally profiting from petcoke? Gary Peters.

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