Friday, August 1, 2014

Total Violation Of Constitution. Entire Town Questioned By FBI / Police. Pen Marked Like Cattle By FBI / Police

In what can only be described as a disgustingly total disregard for one's constitutional rights, the FBI in conjunction with the Michigan State Police and Armada Police would not let anyone leave or enter the village of Armada, Michigan without harassing questions by the FBI and Police.

The search was in response for the murder of April Milsap who was murdered on a rural trail walking her dog in Armada.  April was murdered on July 24, 2014.  The search took place 7 days later on 7/31/14.  

Not one suspect out of the multiple hundreds that were questioned and marked like cattle by a red pen after they spoke with the police or FBI


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  2. OMG! The MI State Police, the FBI and the local Armada police are wearing the wrong insignia's on their uniforms. They should be the insignia of the "Hammer and Sickle!"