Monday, August 25, 2014

Report: 24 Members of Congress Do Not Believe in God

An atheist organization reveals there are two dozen members of Congress who do not believe in God.
St Regis Catholic Church
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Maggie Ardiente of the American Humanist Association made the revelation to Religion News Service.

“We already know of 24 members of Congress who have told us privately that they don’t believe in God, but they won’t come out, of course, and if we tried to out them they would deny it,” she told Religion News Service.

The last open atheist in Congress was Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., in 2012. Religion News Service reports Stark admitted that he was an atheist 35 years after being elected. Barney Frank announced he was an atheist after he retired from Congress. Atheist James Woods from Arizona is running for Congress and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema does not identify with a religion.

A Pew Research Center poll from May found that 53 percent of Americans would less likely support a candidate that didn’t believe in God. Forty-one percent of those polled said it wouldn’t matter if the candidate believed in God or not.

There are currently no open atheists in Congress

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