Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Congressman and Former Governor Say Candidate "Works So Hard She Could Beat The 12 Apostles"

Former Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm (D) with current sitting Congressman John Dingell, for Michigan's 12th District posted the photo above with the description below:
Selfie w/ Congressman John Dingell at Debbie Dingell primary victory party. John Dingell on Debbie's prospects: "She works so hard could beat the 12 apostles."

John Dingell has had his congressional seat since 1955 after taking it over from his father in 1933.  Now his wife Debbie Dingell is poised to take that seat again unless Republican first time candidate Terry Bowman can create a huge upset.

What Dingell and Granholm don't realize is that it isn't about working hard, it is that Michigan voters are lazy and stupid.  Most only vote on name recognition and not a candidates background.

Also what Dingell and Granholm don't realize is that one of the apostles was Judas who turned his back on Jesus.  Hopefully quite a few turn their backs on Debbie Dingell and vote for Terry Bowman in November.  

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