Sunday, July 20, 2014

Obama Requesting $4 Billion Not To Seal Border But To Relocate Illegals Into Small Towns Across America

Ed Coet
Guest Commentator
Every American needs to understand that Barack Obama does not want his requested $4 billion to secure our border and return the flood of illegal aliens back to the countries
from where they came. He wants this money primarily to “resettle” these illegals in your towns, especially if you live in red states. You will pay for this in your own community with local and state taxes (mostly local taxes) – without federal reimbursement. 

Not only will you not be asked for permission, your mayors and governors won't even be informed of when and where it is happening. This is already standard operating procedures by the Obama administration.

Your schools will be overrun with illegals who can’t speak English and many, if not most, can’t even read or write in their own language. Most are completely illiterate. Many have expensive special education needs. Your property taxes that fund your schools will have to go up to pay for this.

Many of these illegal teens and young men are members of gangs; particularly the brutal and murderous MS-13 gang, and they too will be located in your neighborhoods without your knowledge or permission. Many of the illegals have all manner of communicable diseases that will put you and your children at great health risks. All will require free health care, free accommodations, and free food.

We must be compassionate to the young children who were sent or brought here through no fault of their own. That is what good and compassionate people do. But we must also send them back. We are a sovereign country not an international orphanage.

This is no longer presumptuous. Rather, it is born out in facts as evidenced by the map below, a map that grows in number of locations daily. Texas is being particularly targeted for these “resettlement camps.” Virtually none of the requested money is earmarked to return these illegals to their home country or to secure our borders.

We desperately need an effective plan to stop this resettlement bulldozer right in its tracks. AMERICA IS AT A CROSSROADS. IF WE LET THIS HAPPEN TO US, OUR SOVEREIGNTY IS AT GRAVE RISK.

If there ever was a Trojan Horse, what Obama is now doing is it. Here is what we urgently need to do right now before it is to late:

• Organize and/or participate in "peaceful protests" as the Obama administration tries to set up refugee camps across the nation. Trust me -- these protests will grow and grow. If each of us assumes a personal responsibility to participate, take others with us, and put the word out whenever and wherever such a protest is planned, it will work even better. This kind of organizing is difficult but it absolutely needs to be done. Be a leader in your community and get it started. Without out you it won’t work.

• Start burning up the phone lines to Congress, demanding that Congress earmark the requested funds to expedite removals -- not to "refugee" camps or resettlement efforts but rather to secure our borders, return the illegals from whence they came, and to reimburse border sates and their governors who put their own states National Guard on their sate border since Obama flatly refuses to do it himself. This has already proven to work. Many cities have been safeguarded because Congressmen took action.

• Get angry. Get real “loud and angry.” DO NOT BE SILENT. Angry citizens around the nation need to do this. If they do they will be heard.

• Share this map below to focus national attention on the cities that will be affected if Obama gets his way and remind everyone that this map is growing exponentially on an almost daily basis.

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Major (US Army – Retired)
Founder, The Facebook Tea Party

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