Thursday, July 24, 2014

Michigan's 4th Congressional District: Candidate Mitchell Is Missing

John Moolenaar       Paul Mitchell       Peter Konetchy

Three Republicans are seeking to represent the 4th district in the U.S. House — Peter Konetchy, John Moolenaar, and Paul Mitchell.  So far there have been five public forums between the candidates — but Mitchell has skipped every one.

July 8th, Clinton, Shiawassee, and Gratiot County GOP Debate.  All candidates confirmed attendance.  A week before the event a Mitchell staffer reported informally that Mitchell would not be in attendance because “he was up in the polls, and the first rule of politics is never debate if you’re ahead.” The report was dismissed by the event organizers, but the night before the debate Mitchell canceled because of a “family health” situation.  Konetchy and Moolenaar attended.

July 17th, VFW debate in Montcalm County,
July 19th, Mecosta County GOP Picnic,
July 22nd, Midland “We the People” Tea Party,
July 17th, Skidway Lake, Ogemaw County.

Is it just me, or do others notice a pattern?

It seems odd that Mitchell refuses to interact with the people he wishes to represent.  Early in the campaign, Mitchell did expose himself to questions from various groups, and he apparently didn't like the interaction.  Voters, potential constituents, asked “inconvenient” questions about his donations to Stabenow, his receipt of stimulus money, his residency, or simply questions about how he would actually address the problems facing the nation.

Mitchell now refuses to attend events where people can question him where his answers can be posted throughout the public record.  Instead he is trying to literally “buy” the election by using an obscene amount of his own money to saturate the district with market-tested, focus-group, platitudes.  He seems to be single handedly supporting the post office and local media by sending what seems like daily flyers to virtually every voter in the district and by running unending attack ads, which may or may not have any semblance to reality.

If you have the stomach for it, read his brochures and listen to his ads.  They simply state platitudes such as “take on career politicians and bureaucrats”, “reduce the scope and size of government”, “eliminate reckless regulations”, blah, blah, blah.  He offers no substance or means of accomplishing these platitudes, but allows the reader to relate their frustration to his poll-tested words.

If Mitchell refuses to honestly answer “inconvenient” questions before the election, what makes us think he’ll do a 180 degree turn after the election, acquire an honorable character, and suddenly start to interact with the people?  This election is critical to the survival of this nation.  Please choose constitutional principles over money.

St. Johns debate, July 8, 2014. Konetchy and Mooleaar attended -- Mitchell was a no-show

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