Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day? Are we really Happy or Independent?

Happy Independence Day?  Are we really Happy or Independent?

Is it ironic that the country whose citizens enjoy more freedom than
any other in the world, evolved from one of the more tyrannic countries in history?  It is not-so-ironic that this country is targeted more than any other industrial nation in the world ... because we are a stand for FREEDOM ... throughout the world.

Those that have a need or wish to oppress others, will always try to overpower those that are free.  That is their goal.  That is their mindset.  That is their default.  That is why Freedom is never without cost, and never will be.  There will always be someone knocking on your door to take from you what you are not willing to stand-up for.  The citizens of this country did two hundred-plus years ago.  And I am grateful.

Freedom is a natural state, everywhere.  Even within the "laws" of physics, we have, both physically and spiritually, the freedom of choice.

Today, let's recognize and appreciate the power of choice, the sovereignty of independence, and celebrate our Independence Day!

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